Kleoxenis Teleconferencing & Distance Learning Room

The Department of Management Science & Technology has the ‘Kleoxenis” video conference room, wich provides live and two way audio, video and data communication services between many remote points.

Kleoxenis lived during the Alexandrian era and together with Democletus they improved the optical telegraph and invented it in 150 BC. the fires. The Torches used a signal transmission method that was the forerunner of Morse code and digital logic. The range of this way of communication proved in practice to reach up to 30 kilometers.

The “Kleoxenis” room provides high quality video conferencing services, providing modern design with automated and innovative functions. Includes equipment and a range of electronic devices that can be used to support teleconferencing but also for distance learning activities. Specifically, the room is equipped with:

  • Central video conferencing unit Tandberg 7000, with camera, space microphone and 40 inch plasma screen. Auxiliary camera and monitor for the tutor in e-learning applications.
  • Electronic board with the ability to connect to a computer and print its contents.
  • Camera for presenting documents on plain paper and slides. Video for recording and playback.
  • Computer with internet connection for presentation of electronic documents, drawings, presentations, etc.
  • Video projector for viewing images and videos on a large screen. Possibility of simultaneous connection of three (3) different remote locations.
  • Possibility of online transmission with multicast technology in a network

The telecommunication and peripheral equipment of the room has been chosen with special care, so that on the one hand it utilizes the technology used to the maximum, and on the other hand it simulates the environment and the process of traditional education. In this way, effective and productive communication of students and teachers participating in an e-learning program is possible.

The “Kleoxenis” room is intended for multiple uses such as:

  • Teleconference of executives of the Department as well as executives of various bodies of the private and public sector.
  • Training with modern supervisory means of small groups of executives of the Department as well as other private and public bodies.
  • Distance education by teachers of other Institutions in Greece or abroad with the participation of the students of the Institution.

The person in charge of the operation of the room
Professor Vassilios Chatzis



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