Teaching Amphitheaters & Laboratories


(a) Number and capacity of classrooms:
Five (5) classrooms, with a capacity of 40-60 students / room, and four (4) amphitheater rooms with a capacity of 70-80 students and in collaboration with the other departments of DI.PA.E. there is the possibility of using the large amphitheater of the institution.
(b) Adequacy, suitability and quality of classrooms:
The classrooms are considered adequate and properly equipped with almost all modern supervisory teaching aids and three (3) which in addition have interactive whiteboards.
(c) Degree of classrooms usage:
All classrooms are used by the Department of Management Science & Technology on a daily basis and in an intensive manner.

Educational Laboratories

(a) Number and capacity:
Seven (7) rooms of Computer Laboratories, with 20-25 seats/laboratory. There are a total of 160 available PCs.
(b) Adequacy, suitability and quality of premises:
Τα εργαστήρια κρίνονται ως επαρκή και κατάλληλα εξοπλισμένα. Απαιτούν όμως συνεχή αναβάθμιση των χώρων.
(c) Degree of use:
Intensive use of laboratories.

There are no institutionalized classrooms in the department but they are in its future plans. One of the existing laboratories is free in daily access for students to have electronic access to the electronic services of the library and to access the asynchronous education platform and for all the services of information technologies and telecommunications. The laboratory is controlled by students of the department in the context of student employment.

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