The Study Guide is mainly addressed to the students of the Department and its main objective is to inform them validly about the education provided to them. Through its pages, the student has the opportunity to get to know in detail the vision and objectives of the Department, the Undergraduate Program, the teachers as well as the services that support its operation. The indicative curriculum and the brief description of the course content help students to organize their studies properly and effectively.  This guide also includes information about the Postgraduate Programmes of the Department and the Doctoral Program. The study guide is updated on an annual basis or exceptionally whenever deemed appropriate. The study guide contains all the necessary information about the new or prospective student.

In general, for the operation of the Department, the Internal Regulation  of the University is applied, which is specialized for issues of study by the Department’s Study Regulation. 

Regulations for matters related to student studies and the management of student complaints:

Regulation of Academic Advisors

Complaints Management Regulation


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