Professional Status

The wealth of the undergraduate program of study of the TIF in combination with the provision of direction and the experience of practical training compose a multidimensional professional profile, which reflects the personal stamp of the graduate of the TIF. More specifically, graduates of the Department can, due to their integrated administrative and technological background, be employed:

As private employees in most departments and functions of a business (e.g. Logistics, Production, Human Resources, Informatics, Marketing, Finance, etc.) in all sectors of economic activity.

In the public sector in positions related to the subject of his studies through the discipline PE 09 of Economists.

In all sectors of Education as teachers and especially for secondary education in the field of PE80 Economists.

As freelancers with a subject related to their studies: Economist, Accountant, Business Consultant, Application Programmer, etc.

Graduates of the Department are admitted to the following Professional and Scientific Associations

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